Jewel of the day: Anna Pellissari Ajani cuff bracelet

This cuff bracelet by Brazilian Anna Pellissari, dubbed Ajani, is a nice marriage of tough and tender.

Made of leather and accented with 18k gold plated hardware set with rhinestones, it closes with snaps and comes in different sizes to suit your wrist/forearm.

Available on her website for USD $135. Have a look around the site; there are some pretty, unusual things at good prices.

Anna Pellissari Ajani cuff

One thought on “Jewel of the day: Anna Pellissari Ajani cuff bracelet

  1. Morning Barb, Usually, I don’t forward. But, this web site has unique jewelry for under $100. Many of the clasps are magnetic, which would be a great clasp for you…not to mention me. It’s modern, true. However, some of it’s drop-dead gorgeous, classic design. That’s why I think you should take a look & consider some of it. I did find a rose-gold watch in Oprah’s magazine & I’ll email you the contact info. later. I am still laughing at both my kids. One for not taking the time to look at my photo’s; she should know they’re gorgeous w/o me saying anything. The other for thinking I brought back a 2nd dog…when I can barely keep up with my precious fluffy mini Cocker. Yeah, andmy arthritus just vanished miraculously. You know I don’t believe in miracles… for example: when my niece Lisa’s Jeep flew off the North Perimeter or when certain individuals have their cancer go into remission. But, I do believe in hard work, persistance, & hope…that between physio, getting more active, getting the MRI to prove there’s no trapped nerve in my hip, etc. Which is why this email’s so short…can’t bear so sit for long attached to this screen. LY, A


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