The Oscars – glam or glum?


My hopes for a high bling factor on tonight’s Oscars red carpet are very low, alas. All of the pre-awards hoopla has not done much to inspire any real confidence that either the nominees or the stylists are willing to focus on, well, style, instead of making sure they don’t end up in a “worst dressed” column somewhere. Not that the two equate. But there seems to be a morbid fear of expressing individual personality, given the number of style vultures waiting to pounce on any perceived missteps.

So what they end up with is bland, crazy expensive designer wear that would likely look pretty much the same on anyone wearing it and the safety of knowing they have spent a ton of money to look acceptable. Sometimes.

Instead of unique, stylish, and sometimes, even comfortable.

Just to remind people of what effortless glamour looks like (without a stylist), here is a photo of Elizabeth Taylor holding her Oscar for Butterfield 8 and wearing,  I believe, a Bulgari emerald necklace. Her own. Fabulous.

Elizabeth Taylor bulgari

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