Jewel of the day: Pomellato Tango chain

It’s a pet peeve of mine: web sites for jewellers that are chock full of videos, Flash animation, imagery including animals, men and women, foliage, abstract designs … and very little information about materials, how much something costs or how you can order it near you.

Rant over.

lI love this chain (I assume this means it is a necklace) by Italian jeweller Pomellato. Part of their Tango collection, they describe it as, “Tango chain in rose gold and burnished silver with brown diamonds.” If you would like to know the length, the diamond weight, or anything more about it, you will have to find a Pomellato dealer in your area and hope they carry it.

However, it is very pretty and marries that nights at Studio 54 vibe with something still contemporary and wearable. The Tango collection has other chains in white metals, rings, rigid and fluid bracelets and earrings.

Pomellato brown diamond chain necklace

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