Jewel of the day: Vintage Egyptian Revival pin

This sweet pin, enamel over .800 silver with a small cabochon turquoise stone in the centre (material unknown), is one of mine. I love the design, the very “walk like an Egyptian” look of it, and the daintiness.

At the same time, I tend not to wear small pins and this is quite petite, about an inch and a quarter long, and maybe a quarter of an inch wide. (Plus I’m afraid it would look like the airline insignia of a flight attendant…)

I still treasure it and enjoy looking at it. It reminds me of a long- ago trip to London and a good rummage through a vast antiques market. Plus, it plays nicely with other Egyptian Revival pieces I’ve picked up over the years … lots of scarabs in various shapes and forms (the real deal beetles, pottery and paste representations) and serpents. Love how even though this piece is very old (not to mention the original inspiration) it still looks contemporary and wearable.

Egyptian Revival pin

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