An interview with a Sherman craftsman

In 2010, Sandra Caldwell and I, co-authors of the book Sherman Jewellery: The Masterpiece Collection, travelled to Montreal to interview a gentleman who had worked many years for Gustave Sherman. We were fortunate to also have seen some of the pieces he made (including a one-off rhinestone First Communion crown he constructed for his own daughter, complete with the applied Sherman mark).

He was kind enough to spend a few hours with us reminiscing about how the jewellery was made. This was even more special to us because so few records remain (actually, hardly any at all) and it was a huge thrill for us to have been able to hear these recollections from someone who worked for the firm for many years.

We wrote about the encounter in the Summer 2010 issue of the-now defunct magazine Costume Jewelery Collectors International. We’ve made the article available in a rather piecemeal fashion to people who asked for it, but I figured it was long past due to post it here for anyone who wants a peek at the Sherman business and workroom (or anyone who has an interest in the long-gone days of vintage costume jewellery manufacture – so different from the “make it cheap and make it fast” culture we now live in).

The article should be clickable and viewable below. If you cannot access it, please leave a comment with a way to reply or email me at and I will find a way to get the PDF to you.

Sherman article scan

Hope you all enjoy.

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