Jewel of the day: Paul Morelli morganite ring

Ever since Jennifer Lopez began flashing that huge pink diamond ring given to her by then fiance Ben Affleck, pink stones have been more popular than ever. (And though that was now quite some time ago, the pink mania continues.)

This ring by Philadelphia-based jeweller Paul Morelli is a stunning example of pink bling. Perhaps best known for his meditation bells jewellery, Morelli took his design inspiration from his nattily dressed family members, vintage clothing and the theatre. His story can be read here and it’s an interesting saga.

The site says this is green morganite but I wonder if an error hasn’t been made?

Their description: 18k pink gold cushion cut Pinpoint stone ring, white diamonds (1.0cts), morganite (9.56cts). As we all know. Ben and Jen (Lopez, that is, not Garner) did not last, but this ring will likely stand the test of time. It can be yours for USD$11,000. While not chump change, it’s still far cheaper (far!) than comparably sized pink diamond.

Paul Morelli morganite ring

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