Jewel of the day: Vega Maddox

Vega Maddox was a California artisan whose wares were sold in the sixties and seventies. Not a lot is known about her but her jewellery has remained popular, if elusive. Her designs usually incorporated birds, butterflies, flowers and foliage. Shown here is a very long and elaborate necklace made with semi-precious beads and stones and enamel work and set in what I think is low grade silver, or possibly silver plated base metal.  The earrings, nearly three inches long, were bought separately and are not a match per se, but can certainly be worn together. Pieces are usually, but not always, signed Vega with an engraving tool somewhere on the reverse. The word exuberant fittingly describes Maddox’s designs!



3 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Vega Maddox

  1. I have just started collecting Vega Maddux. In fact, I just recently heard of her and her jewelry. Please keep me in mind for her pieces.

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