Jewel of the day: Sherman beads

I have become a big bead fan. (Yes, just what I needed – yet another thing to collect!). I originally turned to both Dior and Sherman beads because they were a lot cheaper than the rhinestone pieces. Well, as in so much else that relates to collecting, those days are over and good vintage beads can be quite pricey now. Alas…

Sherman used Swarovski crystal for his beads and while much of what he did was the fairly typical double or triple round or teardrop shaped strands, this one is different. These are long, skinny bicone shaped beads in an intriguing golden mink and aurora borealis colour. I think the correct Swarovski name is vitrail. The earrings are also quite unusual for Sherman – haven’t seen this bead design before with quite the same clasp/earring back. All pieces are signed Sherman, another rarity since most of his beads are not signed. As these are a recent acquisition, they are not in the book, Sherman Jewellery: The Masterpiece Collection.


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