Jewel of the day: Antique Georgian Burmese ruby and diamond navette ring

Earthly Adornments is a great source for fine and costume jewels from a range of eras.

This ring has been dated by them to the Georgian period. They explain, “One of the many reasons to love antique and vintage jewelry is the unique shape that many pieces have, the focus here is the navette. A navette is a narrow oval shape with pointed ends and means “little ship”.  One of the most beautiful versions of the shape is the navette ring – all in their own unique class. They all have the elongated oval shape, yet this is where the similarities end. Each one has one-of-a-kind gemstones, size and overall design. This drop dead gorgeous ring has each and every required element. The elongation lengthens the hand elegantly and the placement of the single round faceted ruby sprinkled with twenty-four point cut diamonds, translated to a sparkling perfect statement. The ring has total integrity.  The rose gold, the point cut diamonds and the Burmese round ruby place it in the early Georgian Era (1750-1780).  This ring was hard to come across.  It is in both good condition as well as the status evidenced by the use of diamond and ruby.  The center ruby measures approximately 4.00 mm. in diameter and is estimated to weigh 0.50 carats.  The total diamond weight is estimated to be on third of a carat. Ring top measures 26 x 9mm. Weight is 4 grams Georgian Era  1750-1780 Origin of ruby:  Burma Diamonds:  India Country of origin:  England Size 7-1/2”

This sells for USD$3,425.


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