Jewel of the day: Cleopatra’s Bling Fortuna Charm Bracelet

This bracelet from Cleopatra’s Bling takes its inspiration from the ancient Romans.

The designer’s site notes, “The Fortuna Charm Bracelet is named after the Roman Goddess of luck. It carries both amulets of protection, and of life. Across cultures the acornseed carries with it connotations of good fortune and fecundity. The Neapolitan cornicello has its origins in Greek and Roman mythology, linked to the moment in which Zeus broke a horn from a goat, and filled it from fruits and flowers, as a symbol of fertility and life. The Bacchus grapes are a representation of joyful abandon, while the ancient coin is an apotropaeic amulet that protects its wearer.”

This is made with recycled sterling silver and priced at €139.

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