Jewel of the day: Pacha Indigenous Arts Statement Palosanto Necklace

This simple yet beautiful necklace is offered by Pacha Indigenous Arts Collection. The site explains, “Palo Santo is a type of wood that is widely used to maintain and restore wellbeing.

Indigenous people of South Americas believe that, since we are in relationship with all that is around us, we interchange energy with places, people, animals, plants and the Mother Earth. Sometimes these relationships and energies become unbalanced, and Palo Santo is used in order to restore the balance and wellbeing within and around us.

At other times, during our life journey, we might have experiences that we do not fully understand, or are not ready for. In these circumstances our personal energy might suffer an imbalance that manifests in both our body and mind. Palo Santo’s peculiar aroma resembling a mix of mint, lemon and pine helps us to restore our balance.

Our collection of Palo Santo Jewelry was created to celebrate and to remind us our connection with these forces and the path that we can undertake in life making our personal choices and facing adversity with positive attitude and open mind. The elements of nature come together through Bone & Quill, created by mestizo-indigenous artist Marcos Arcentales. 

Palosanto sourced by the artisan himself, is crafted into one-of-a-kind accessories, melded with copper and silver wire. A touch of sparkle is added through beads of turquoise, amethyst, and other crystals, providing a unique personality to each piece.”

This is priced at Cdn (I think) $135.

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