Jewel of the day: Sacred Cake Anna Wintour Collet Statement Necklace

A few years back, American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was photographed wearing a Georgian paste necklace. She augmented her antique jewels with similarly designed Bottega Veneta cubic zirconia necklaces in various colours. I confess I was taken with the look, enough to get two of the BV pieces (one of which I am currently waiting on … hurry up, mail!)

Etsy designer Sacred Cake has been making versions of these necklaces in different colours for a price far more affordable than antique or designer pieces.

This necklace, shown on its on and how Wintour wore hers, is made with glass stones. At USD$111, you can afford to buy a few to layer, just the way Wintour wears hers.

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