Jewel of the day: Neta Wolpe Vintage Style Statement Cocktail Ring

When I turned 16, my parents let me choose a ring. This being the 70s, the pickings were …. interesting. I opted for a design with textured gold tendrils capped with small opals. I’d show you a photo but it’s long since sold. Given that my taste at 16 is not my taste now (and wasn’t actually even my taste at 17…)

The tiny cabochon opals and cocktail style of this much more wearable ring remind me of that one. By Neta Wolpe, it is described this way: “Lustrous rough diamonds, blue topaz, and opals surround the decadent round labradorite gemstone. Dome surface with beaded gold milgran settings. Along the top edges of the band are subtle geometric carvings that unite all of the elements of the design.”

This sells for USD$1,190.

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