Jewel of the day: Tiary Tears in Heaven Earrings

Tiary gives you the option to customize your jewelry. You can start with a pre-made item and select the metal and stones. I like the story behind the brand: ”

Hi, I’m Suzanne, and I’m the founder of Tiary. My mom, Terry, has and always will be my inspiration. Before she passed away, she was a jeweler who believed in the importance of quality and care to every design she created and every relationship she made along the way. She worked closely with every client, and I watched her become more than just their jeweler – she became a trusted friend, confidant, and advisor who was by their side, creating uniquely beautiful pieces to celebrate life’s milestones.

I created Tiary in honor of my mother – to carry on her legacy, her passion for personalized and high quality jewelry, her love of creativity and self-expression, and to make her uniquely inspired service accessible to more people.

Our proprietary online platform lets you become the designer, crafting each piece to your personal taste and allowing you to express your individuality by wearing something made just for you. We only offer high quality and ethically-sourced stones and materials for our entire line of jewelry made with love in the USA.

Welcome to our family – we’re happy to have you and can’t wait to help you create something special.”

These earrings start at USD$252 for a sterling setting and synthetic stones, or $632 for 10k gold and synthetic stones, and go up to several thousand depending on the stones chosen. Have fun playing with your design!

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