Jewel of the day: Claire Kahn Sand to Sea Bracelet III

This beautiful bracelet by Claire Kahn marries glass beads to various coloured semi-precious and precious gems. “Cylindrical glass beads with line of faceted blue, brown, purple and yellow sapphires set in 18K yellow gold bezels, cabochon aquamarine, Swiss blue topaz, tanzanite set in 18K yellow gold bezels

Sand to Sea is intended as a celebration of summer, inspired by my childhood visits to the coast, as well as my love of blue, where combinations of light & dark and warm & cool come together.” – Claire Kahn

A joyous combination of color becomes a cool relief to soothe the soul in this work by Claire Kahn. Amongst a medley of olive-green, bronze and blue, Kahn illustrates the organic ebb and flow as one travels back from deep to shallow waters. As one’s eye travels through her progression, visual touch points delight in pools of light, amiable enough to capture the heart. Sweetly, the artist creates a line of effulgent gems in aquamarine, topaz, sapphire and tanzanite, gleaming from lustrous chambers of high karat gold. Their sumptuous disposition is a dazzling sight against her composition, armed with a stunning color scheme to send the spirit into pure tranquility. A marvelous piece to send one on a journey of awe-inspiring bliss.”

This is priced at USD$5,560.

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