Jewel of the day: Arata Fuchi Surge of Emotion Brooch

Yup, bring me ALL the brooches! I know they are not popular at the moment (Madeleine Albright, where are you in our time of brooch need??) but I will always love them.

This is by Japanese artist Arata Fuchi, and available from the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York. They note, “Arata Fuchi’s ‘Surge of Emotion” brooch 6-1/2″ long x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″, is a splendid form inspired by nature and fabricated in silver, copper, shibuichi [copper and silver alloy], 24K gold shreds, and patina. Fuchi’s inspiration he writes is “from the Japanese sense of beauty, that is ‘beauty of form that nature not artifice creates’ and the ‘vitality of nature’”.

This sells for USD$2,250.

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