Jewel of the day: Return to Sender Sloan Medical ID Bracelet

Medical identification bracelets can be a literal life or death piece of jewelry. But traditionally, they haven’t been all that stylish. Return to Sender has reimagined these in sterling silver and gold plate, with contemporary designs like the Sloan, seen here.

The site notes, “The Sloan Medical ID is discreet and will move with your wrist as you type on the computer, paint your masterpiece and live your life. It can be adjusted down to 5 3/4” and opened up to 7.5” for a customized fit. This classic medic alert cuff bracelet comes in both Sterling Silver and Bronze. It is ideal for everyday active wear.

Whether you wear a medical ID bracelet for a heart implant, drug allergy, diabetes, MS, or any other condition, you can personalize The Sloan Medical ID Bracelet with custom engraving to ensure you stay safe while maintaining your unique personal style.”

The bracelet in sterling sells for USD$125.

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