Jewel of the day: Christina Rose Herkimer Diamond Wrap Ring

Herkimer diamonds are actually a form of quartz that come in clear, grey or a darker stone with black inclusions within the stone. In the United States, they come from New York State, but are also found in Afghanistan and Tibet, among other locales.

This ring, by Christina Rose, is part of a wide variety of designs she offers on Ebay. She describes it as, “Stone Gold Wrap Ring Size 7. A powerhouse in raw pure gemstone. Natural beauty in this showstopper, I can’t stop looking at it! It’s different from every angle and sure to inspire your followers. Two larger double terminated raw clear and black flexed herkimer diamonds are fused to this thick gold wrap band (not adjustable). The band is 10mm thick in front and slims to 6mm in back 2mm thick. The stones are 15x9mm approx. Shiny gold plated metal. Very sturdy design.”

I have no followers per se (at least, not as far as I am aware, but it would be very cool to have a ring to use as a beacon!).

This sells for USD $81.99, and she offers a lot of different options using Herkimer diamonds and druzy stones.

Christina Rose Herkimer Diamond wrap ring

2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Christina Rose Herkimer Diamond Wrap Ring

  1. Evelyn, thank you for always finding such interesting jewelry that would be off the radar for so many of us. I love the look of this ring, but more importantly I love the price. If you would have said it was $8199 this would never be the type of ring I would ever spend that amount of money on no matter how much I had, but it’s so great and fun looking at a very affordable price.

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