Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Bracelet

A few years back, Bottega Veneta decided not to put any of their seasonal jewellery on sale. I am not sure if they have held firm on this, or if they just quietly ship the stuff that doesn’t sell to their outlet stores. None of which are anywhere near me, alas.

Many of their pieces play on the woven and braided leather in their bags. At the end of the day though, it can be hard to justify some of the prices, especially when comparing to designers whose primary work is sterling silver and/or jewellery.

This Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Burnished Silver Bracelet (its formal BV name) is a case in point. It’s a beautiful design and well executed; there is a matching necklace (though I wouldn’t wear both at the same time – way too matchy matchy.) BV describes the piece this way: luxuriously crafted in burnished silver, this distinctive bracelet has been given a sophisticated finish by the silver-set rock crystal lenses, meticulously hand-plated in shimmering pink gold and silver. A discreet hinge on the band opens and secures the piece to the wrist.

Again, a lovely piece. I just don’t have enough lust for it to justify the USD $2,550 price tag.

Bottega Veneta Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Bracelet

3 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Bracelet

    1. Agreed. I am in the business now, but my work moves more into the fine genre of jewelry. It’s really difficult to use old world techniques and precious metals and reach a good price point. Here, this bracelet is simply name and inflated price. To me, a rose by any other name would be a better choice. đŸ™‚

  1. I totally agree with your post. What is it about certain designers who produce something and have the audacity to price it astronomically? Bottega Veneta is not the only example, but for now they can be the sacrificial lamb. Here they are using a base metal cuff with neutral glass rondelles to create an okay accent piece. They are extrapolating from their handbag prices to magnify the brand price of the bracelet. I, too, have trouble justifying the price.

    We were lucky to be in Shanghai last fall during the opening of Tom Ford’s boutique in a trendy area called Jing An. There was a handbag, very BV-ish, crocodile, simple lines, etc. It was perched on a shelf very spartanly as was most of the merchandise. The discreet tag read $60, 000! The Yuan price was ultra huge, of course. This is in line with the famous Birkin bag from Hermes, another brand whose prices are difficult to swallow.

    Back to the bracelet…. If they are trying to reach the same luxury market as their purses, they should make the bracelet in luxurious materials. The could have used sterling silver and natural, polished quartz, perhaps even white gold and rutile quartz. The bags are top of the line leathers and skins. Their fashion jewelry should follow suit, in my opinion. Or, by contrast, sell this bracelet, as is, for $400, tops.

    I understand artists using relatively inexpensive articles and raising them up to an art form. I really do. In fact, I have a piece in the works like this right now. My metalsmiths are using a tiny piece of Venetian glass and resin as part of the plan. I have, however, insisted on sterling silver with generous touches of 22K gold, my trademark. BV’s bracelet is not bench made. It is mass produced with chintzy materials. Costume jewelry is great, and I applaud it. Even Erickson Beamon jewelry is obviously filled with much time and workmanship—another brand whose prices are relatively higher than other similar pieces. Digressing now…. anyone care to comment??

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