Jewel of the day: Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet

There are a lot of pretty pictures on the Jewellery Theatre website, but a sad lack of actual information.

This  charming bracelet, dubbed the Caravaggio, is made with coloured diamonds and variously coloured sapphires, and tsavorites. You can find the stone weight here. You won’t find the karat fineness or price, alas. Jewellery Theatre was founded in Russia and has several European boutiques. I’m presuming they would be familiar with the missing details.

Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet

  1. Thank you very much for featuring our gorgeous bracelet on your blog.

    As with most fine jewellery brands, not all information is displayed on our website. We actively encourage our clients to ring us or pop into one of our boutiques so we can spend the time with each of you, explaining the story and facts behind each unique piece. Please feel free to contact me any time and I will be happy to personally tell you more about the Caravaggio bracelet.

    Alexandra Ushamirskaya
    Tel: +44 020 7495 5544
    Jewellery Theatre, 44 Old Bond Street, W1S 4GB

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