Jewel of the day: Isabel Marant Buffalo Bones Bracelet

Hipster designer of the moment Isabel Marant launched her H&M collaboration collection yesterday. I avoided it, having nearly been trampled at the Stella McCartney/H&M opening day a few years back. My lust for cheap designer duds was eclipsed by my desire to stay alive to wear them. The stampede ain’t worth it. I also don’t have to suffer the aggravation of seeing most of the items show up six seconds later on Ebay for quadruple the price. Though apparently items from this collection are already up for bid there. Go figure.

In the event you felt likewise and did not brave the bargain-hunting hordes, here is an Isabel Marant bracelet for your consideration. Made with buffalo bone beads set with what looks like rhinestones, with brass links, it is €120 at Yes, it’s more expensive than something from her H&M collection but at least you won’t have to worry about being mowed down to get it.

Isabel Marant buffalo bones bracelet

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