Jewel of the day: Gucci Plexiglass Cuff

I think what I like most about this Gucci piece is its sheer chutzpah. Given the price (got USD $2690 to spare), the materials (Plexiglas and rhinestones set in brass, the heavy 80s borrowing that can probably be had at your local vintage shop, the in your face colour, it’s got a wealth of sheer gall going for it. (Well, and the fact that 80s is now considered vintage. I weep.)

There are probably a ton of rhinestone studded cuffs on Ebay, Etsy, and sites in between if this is the look you’re going for. it can be found for a lower (much lower!) price. But if it’s Gucci you’re after than this is your piece and it even comes with a discreet applique of the interlocking GGs on the bracelet so you can demonstrate your brand love.

Gucci lucite cuff

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