Jewel of the day: Ben-Amun Lucite Teardrop Earrings

These earrings, made of lucite and silver plated pewter, are from Ben-Amun’s spring 2013 collection. I have a bit of a tough time wrapping my head around jewellery and seasonality with some obvious exceptions. I mean, no one wants to see kitschy Christmas jewellery  in April, though I really dislike seeing them at any time of year.

These black and clear lucite pieces look more fall/winter to me, if I was going to try to assign a season, but they have a pretty Deco look to them that is, well, good year round.

Available for USD$130.

Ben-Amun lucite earrings

2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Ben-Amun Lucite Teardrop Earrings

  1. I don’t think it’s as necessary today to hold true to the seasons typical textures, tones and colors. One of the spring/summer trends this year and last were black leather (baggy) pants and shorts, for example. Black & Leather… in summer! I’d be happy to throw on my LBD, strappy heels, with these earrings and party on a hot summer night in the Hamptons.

    1. I agree! I think people mix it up so much now (and mostly to great effect!) that the whole “seasonal colors/textures” thing is just a way to promote new collections and of course, generate spending! (Not that I need a ton of help in that direction, alas.)

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