Jewel of the day: Michael Kors Dylan Glitz Chronograph Watch

I feel conflicted when I look at Michael Kors’s designs, pretty much across the board. His high-end women’s clothing line still adheres to his Hamptons, Upper East Side NY chic look so perfect on icy blondes. (Which I am not and although I’m not sure they would work on or for me, I do like them.) The stuff in the stores, well, I can well imagine Kors ripping a strip off those “designers” should they show the same pieces on Project Runway. These are things he often sneeringly defines as mall clothes. And well, they are.

Kors or whoever is designing his accessories, also often borrows heavily from others, most notably recently from Hermes and Chanel. I understand there is nothing new in the world, that designers are frequently “inspired” by each other, and that Kors’s offerings are taking class to mass.

Which is why I can’t hate on, and actually like, this Dylan chronograph. It’s got the look of a bunch of other high-end watches with its blocky gunmetal chrono design. And he unabashedly says it’s glitz, with its addition of baguette-cut crystals a la Chanel J12. And it is decently priced at USD $295.  Might even have to see this one in person at, yes, one of those mall stores.

Michael Kors Dylan watch

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