Jewel of the day: Isabel Marant Enameled Bracelet

So fall is coming (shudder) and new goods are flooding web sites and stores. I think it’s a bit of a head scratcher to think of jewellery as seasonal, or good only for fall or winter. Though, sure, there are some people who reserve big glitz for holiday wear only; I am not one of those people. And I did have someone tell me last week they thought fuchsia was a disrespectful lipstick colour for a memorial service, thus prompting me to ask if colours per se can be considered disrespectful.

And speaking of colours, apparently, deep blue and black are big for fall and here they are in this enameled bracelet by Isabel Marant. Since it must fit over the hand (twice) it would be worth checking with Net-A-Porter regarding dimentions before buying. (Size is listed as 2″ / 5cm wide, with a circumference of 9″ / 22cm.)

Available for USD $330 if you need to get your fall on now.

Isabel Marant enameled bracelet

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