Jewel of the day: The Three Graces Georgian Enamel Cushion Shaped Diamond Ring

It’s nice to know that bling has been popular for centuries. To wit, this Georgian ring offered by The Three Graces.

Their exuberant description: A magnificent and rare Georgian era ring is oh so much more than the sum of its parts. Its age, its condition, its aesthetics, and its grandeur…they hold the eye and keep it there.

An unusual cushion shape was fashioned in 18k gold, silver, rose cut diamonds and that illustrious cobalt blue enamel, sometimes referred to as Bristol glass.

In three tiers, its size is exceptional as is its condition. Forming a stylized floral motif in diamonds, these sit atop the enamel. As characteristic of the period, it is deep blue in color, and as you tilt and move, the color appears to light up with vibrant almost electric hues.

A perimeter of rose cut diamonds creates a little masterpiece. One of our favorite touches, is the sun ray or basket weave back in rippled gold. Often imitated, but never quite right, this is the real thing.

A size 6.5 it is currently on sale for USD$6,950, from $8,450.


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