Jewel of the day: Victor Velyan Bracelet with Spessartite Garnets and Diamonds

If you are the type of person who likes one signature piece of jewelry, look no further than Victor Velyan.

This bracelet is described this way: Open-back cuff bracelet designed by Victor Velyan with spessartite garnets (19.72ct) and diamonds (0.93ct), set in 24-karat yellow gold & sterling silver with green patina.

Victor Velyan began his journey in the jewelry industry in 1984 as a diamond setter and 2 years later became a jeweler’s apprentice. Over time and with uncompromised dedication, Velyan’s knowledge of the industry grew, as did his desire to develop and share his vision with others. In 1995, with a decade of experience under his belt, Victor realized his dream by opening his manufacturing shop, Victor-Christy in Los Angeles, California. The studio allowed Velyan freedom and flexibility to produce pieces for some of the industry’s most significant designers. Though his manufacturing and design for others proved to be undeniably successful, winning over 27 awards under other designers’ names, his own creations were yet to be fully expressed.”

This is priced at USD$28,600.


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