Jewel of the day: The Future Rocks Pear Eternity Band

When lab diamonds were introduced a few years ago, there was a lot of scoffing. They would ruin the mined diamond market. They weren’t “really” diamonds (though chemically, they definitely are). They just weren’t as good as mined diamonds because those are finite and lab diamonds are not. But … they’ve caught on. And they offer an alternative to those who object to diamond mining, or to their prices.

This eternity band from The Future Rocks uses pear shaped diamonds which they say are inspired by tears of joy. It has a total weight of 5.5 carats set in recycled 18 karat gold. The specs are interesting in that it can be manipulated in the production process and is only showing: clarity is SI1+, and colour is G-H.

This is priced at USD$10,727.


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