Jewel of the day: Mejuri, The Ring That Wasn’t

So this post is a bit different. Not a jewel, but an …. attempted jewel? Well, jewel purchase. I’d love to show you what I bought from Mejuri except, well, read on.

Like me, you probably received a flood of Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. And probably also like me, you’ve seen a ton written about Mejuri. I had been in one of their shops and thought the jewelry was cute. So when I got their 20% off, one time all year offer, I went into the shop to see if I wanted to get their Toi et Moi ring, a gold band set with one cushion cut and one pear shaped diamond totalling a half carat. The Canadian price is $2800, less the holiday discount. There was no gold weight listed (and the salesperson couldn’t tell me either). Despite feeling like it was a lot for a 14k ring, I bought it. They did not have it in the store in my size but assured me it was in stock at their warehouse and I would have it no later than Nov. 28 (this was the 22nd).

A day later, I noticed the ring was out of stock in my size online. I contacted customer service to ask if this would affect delivery of my ring. They gave me a noncommittal answer and said it would ship by the 28th. Except my account now said ON the 28th. I called the store several times. No one ever picked up, and no one returned my one voicemail. On the 28th, I contacted their text customer service. Got a bit of a runaround but then was told it had indeed shipped, and if I didn’t get a shipping confirmation the next day, to contact them again. On the 29th, no confirmation. All they would say is that a specialist team needed to deal with my request, but I was never told why.

I finally received an email noting it had been shipped … but would not arrive until December 12. At which point, I asked for a refund.

I completely understand that this is a busy time, and that promotions add to sales and thus to that work load. I also think that companies should be willing to hire extra staff to deal with customer service during these periods because they know it will slow down shipping and negatively affect customer service.

However, I got the runaround from multiple Mejuri sources in the week I was trying to simply find out when my expensive item would be in my hands. They could not give me that information. I also believe customer service should be good whether you spend $5 or $5000+. Their lack of responsiveness and useful information  also precluded me from taking advantage of other Black Friday discounts I’d had my eye on. Oh, once I cancelled I was told it could take up to 10 business days for the charge to be deleted from my credit card. So practically a full month from the time I paid for the item.

So Mejuri and I will not be having a relationship now or in the future. I have purchased a couple of things from other US-based vendors since this happened and received them in a matter of days. Another Canadian jeweller … well, bought an inexpensive item on the 30th. Still waiting for shipping confirmation or a response to an enquiry. I don’t think I’m special or deserve expedited shipping (unless I opt for that) but these have been disappointing experiences. And I’ve had some lovely online experiences with many other vendors. And those are the ones I’ll be sticking with in the future.


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