Jewel of the day: Reamit Jewelry Amorphic Solid Gold Signet Pinkie Ring With Sapphires

I came across Reamit Jewelry on Etsy and fell in love with the craftsmanship. I’m waiting for a silver ring with embedded sapphires to arrive but this one is also on my wishlist.

Designer Orly Spivak explained to me about this piece, “While making this ring, I was inspired by the signet ring style, but I wanted to create a ring with rounded edges, to be wearable and comfortable for everyday wear. The rounded edges and the choice in colorful sapphires are intended to provide a feminine ring, with a significant presence. It is important to mention that this ring was made in the cast-not-set technique, meaning that the gemstones were embedded in the wax model of the ring (hand carved) before casting. This unique process brings one of a kind pieces every time.”

She added, “It’s a 14K yellow gold signet ring, with beautiful natural sapphires that were embedded in the wax before casting #castnotset
Every ring is handcrafted and unique.”

As at the time of writing this was priced at USD$795.40 but check as prices can fluctuate due to Etsy promotions.

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