Jewel of the day: Etkie Astrid Glass Cuff

This cuff bracelet by Etkie comes from a design collective devoted to Native American craft.

“Across the globe, and at home in New Mexico, traditions, cultures and heritage are vanishing. ETKIE was started because they wanted to share the talent of Native American artisans with the world. Inspired by the landscape and culture of the Southwest, they collaborate with a select team of expert artisans in New Mexico to create handmade jewelry that infuses traditional techniques with modern design.

Their business model is simple. They invest in women. From customers who become their brand advocates to their artisans who infuse their time and energy into every single piece, Etkie appreciates you. They have embarked on a journey to create a brand where fashion is a force for good and where quality products benefit the communities that make them. They believe that what we wear reminds us of who we are and who we can become. They believe beauty is enriching human potential. Beauty lies within you.”

This is priced at USD$575.

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