Jewel of the day: Freya Rose Blue Topaz Cross Necklace

This elegant piece by Freya Rose was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

They explain, “To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s upcoming platinum jubilee we’ve pre launched two exquisite blue topaz styles, one being this pendant necklace, from our Regal 54 collection which is set to launch fully, later this year. Inspired by the frivolity and glamour of 1970s New York, the glittering energy of Studio 54 and the elaborate opulence of Tudor jewellery, the Regal 54 collection exudes divine femininity. Handcrafted from 3 micron 22ct gold vermeil, freshwater pearls and a statement blue topaz centre gemstone, the unique cross pendant is an elegant piece that embodies a regal feel, elevating any outfit effortlessly, whilst reflecting the wearer’s individuality.”

This sells for USD$250.

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