Jewel of the day: Maggoosh Gummy Milkshake Pendant

This Maggoosh pendant featuring a little gummy bear has a cool back story: “18k gold plated silver gummy bear pendant on gold plated silver chain with transparent yellow and purple enamel coverage. The Gummy Project by Maggoosh is a capsule collection inspired by the designer’s life in New York City and her passion for breakdancing and other street arts. During her stay in the city, her gummy bear pendants started to shape a personality when she begun to capture images of them in the streets of the city. All images have hidden meanings and feature spots of her everyday life there. These gummy pendants have been worn by famous breakers, skaters and other artists. The gummy project represents and embraces the world’s diversity and the beauty of all arts of the streets. The project continues to grow as she continues to take pictures of these little bears all around the world wherever she goes, sharing her life through the eyes of a gummy.”

This is available for USD$184.89.

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