Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Soft Crystal-Embellished Ring

I have mixed feelings about Bottega Veneta these days. I LOVED the sterling pieces they did under design director Tomas Meier. Daniel Lee had the role from 2018 until fall of 2021, and the new CD is Matthieu Blaze. I don’t know who would have designed this, but it’s in keeping with pieces from recent collections that used telephone cord and other elements you wouldn’t expect to see in higher end jewelry. And probably didn’t want to see.

This piece seems like a bit of an extension of that approach. It’s described this way:While paying homage to tradition, Bottega Veneta keeps inspiring authentic self-expression with its subversive stance on shape as seen on this ring. Constructed from silver, this vibrant piece is detailed with cubic zirconia stones that will add a glowing detail to classic ensembles.

The details note that it’s silver plated, so I’m left struggling and wondering what the yellow is. Enamel?

If this floats your boat, it sells for USD$620.

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