Jewel of the day: Shaun Leane Serpents Trace Wide Bracelet

Love the edginess of this bracelet by Shaun Leane.

From the Liberty London site offering it, “

Shaun Leane’s wide gold plated vermeil silver Serpents Trace bracelet is hypnotically dynamic, with a design that catches the light and echoes the movement of your body.

The untamed beauty of Shaun Leane’s designs draws inspiration from the claws, feathers and quills of the natural world, offering a beguiling combination of traditional goldsmithing techniques and ultra-contemporary styling. The individual chain-links of this beautifully sculptural bracelet act as vertebrae that connect to form the undulating silhouette of a serpent’s spine. Wear it alone or layered with other elegantly primal pieces from the iconic Serpents Trace collection to channel the designer’s understated, organic aesthetic.

“I admire the past masters who – with their style and craftsmanship – created fine jewellery that was distinctive of its time. I like to fuse elements of tradition with a contemporary design approach. We cannot look to the future of design without remembering our past.” – Shaun Leane”

This is priced at £850.

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