Jewel of the day: Sydney Evan Multi Icon Bracelet

Sydney Evan made its name with cute stretch bead bracelets meant to be worn stacked back in the day. They’ve since evolved into a pretty comprehensive array of jewelry, but bracelets are still a key part of this line.

This 14k gold bracelet features an array of symbols. The brand notes their significance: “Butterflies symbolize change and hope, luck and transformation.  When you wear a Sydney Evan Butterfly, you embody not only the beauty of the butterfly, but the beauty of an evolving soul.

The wishbone is a common symbol of luck and fortune. Rosanne has fond memories of breaking the wishbone with her father at the dinner table.  Wear the Sydney Evan wishbone to make your wishes come true!

A real lover of the 70’s, Rosanne wanted to immortalize her favorite decade with the icon to represent it all: the peace sign. After all, peace is the most important thing next to love.

The evil eye is an ancient symbol, most popularly said to protect from those who wish to harm us with envious gazes.  Wear a Sydney Evan evil eye for its protective qualities.

The happiest of all the flowers, the daisy represents psychedelic flower power. A huge fan of the 70’s, Rosanne wanted to incorporate her favorite decade and girlishness into an icon – thus the Daisy!

Thanks to Rosanne’s constant doodling, this signature script is a staple to the Sydney Evan brand since 2008. As she says herself, “Love never goes out of style.”

Inspired by the 70’s, Rosanne designed this icon to represent the patches she used to sew onto her jeans and stickers on her denim folder or guitar case. Anytime you see a Sydney Evan happy face, you can’t help but smile back! Besides, you can’t have peace and love without happiness!

Some believe that if a ladybug lands on you, it is a sign of good fortune. Wherever you see one, good omens are to follow.

Sydney Evan started with one single charm in 2001 a horseshoe. Not only has this icon continued to evolve with every collection over the years, but it is a symbol for good luck, as long as you keep it right side up!

Elephants symbolize good luck, wisdom, and peace. It is said that an elephant with an upturned trunk is a sign of good luck. Like Rosanne’s Aunt Jane once said, always keep your elephant close and good things will come!

It is no secret that a four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Carry it with you wherever you go!

Bumblebees represent continuous creation of life. Without bees, we wouldn’t have flowers, plants, and fruit. While this icon represents life and beauty, it is also a reminder of how important bees are to our ecosystem.

The heart is the most common symbol of love. What better way to show love for yourself and others than with a Sydney Evan heart!

The hamsa is a very respected and holy symbol.  Those who wear a hamsa are protecting themselves from evil and bring in goodness, luck, and positivity.

One of our loveliest silhouettes, the Starburst icon represents star power and the universe. Stars have been a guiding force since the beginning of time. Wear a Sydney Evan starburst to remind yourself that you are on the right path.

Love is the most important theme in allSydney Evan collections. Whether shown literally through our signature love script or figuratively with a kiss.

Aside from being a favorite plant in today’s popular culture, the Monstera Leaf has a deeper significance. Naturally growing in the tropical rainforests of Panama and Southern Mexico, the Monstera Leaf is a symbol for a long and prosperous life.”


This sells for USD$1,475.

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