Jewel of the day: Lavish by TM 18k Gold Teardrop Crocheted Large Dangle Earrings

Crocheted jewelry comes and goes in terms of popularity. I’ve seen hand covers, anklets, and more … and today, these earrings by Tricia Milanese under her Lavish brand name.

On her Etsy site, it notes, “These hand-crocheted dangle earrings were fabricated by skilled Brazilian artisans. They are shiny wire crochet earrings and they create a statement look without weight or bulk! They are very comfortable to wear, light and can be worn in every occasion: day-to-night and casual-to-special. The sparkling beads and colors are supplemental to the fine craft artwork spent in every piece of my jewelry. They are made from the heart and hands of our artisans especially for you. They feature 18 karat plated copper wire and are detailed with glass beads in multicolored glass beads. Made from non-allergenic (hypoallergenic) and nickel-free. Stunning jewelry that will last for a lifetime. Each pair of earrings takes hours to finish. The result is a remarkable piece of jewelry.”

These are priced at USD$80.

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