Jewel of the day: J.Y. Gao Sparrow & Blossom Embroidery Earrings Gold

, These earrings by  J. Y. Gao are uniquely handmade: Each pair of earrings is hand sewn by Sichuan embroidery artists, and encircled with 14k gold. Sichuan embroidery is a type of embroidery uniquely known for its resemblance to watercolour paintings. This effect is achieved through extremely fine detailing and complex stitching techniques. The silk threads used are so thin that they are barely visible to the human eye, creating a silky smooth texture. Wear them with neutral colors to make your outfit pop! Or wear them with green/red tops for a more bold look. Bonus: they’re super light to wear!  Ps. Did you notice that the embroidery is double sided? Meaning the same design is sewn on both sides, it takes years of practice to perfect that skill!

As someone who embroiders, I can tell you it does take great skill to stitch the same design on the reverse side as on the front. These are 4 x 5 cm (so quite large) and the embroidery is set within a 14k gold frame.

These are priced at USD$204.

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