Jewel of the day: Noguchi Bijoux Champagne Diamonds Trefle Earrings

These earrings by Noguchi Bijoux are quite small, but still make an impact.

Made with 18k gold and champagne diamonds, they are a delicate alternative  to traditional diamond studs.

About the designer: Having graduated from Bunka Fashion College, the Tokyo native Naohiko Noguchi, born in the late 1960s, began his career as a freelance fashion and accessories designer in Italy and France.

In 2004 he launched Noguchi Bijoux, characterized by refinement, delicacy, and a sense of poetry, which mirrors his own discreet and mysterious nature. The 14-karat yellow or white gold, his metal of choice owing to its soft color, envelopes small diamonds, white, brown or smokey gray, with a rare delicacy.

A subtle sheen, an air of patination, and Noguchi’s aversion to fashion trends renders the jewellery timeless, without compromising its contemporary allure.

Hand-crafted like a miniature sculpture in his Tokyo workshop, each piece is full of charm and magnetism and seems tailor-made to the individual who wears it.

The collection is sold exclusively in his Tokyo boutiques and at a few carefully selected shops around the world.

This is priced at €1,050.


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