Jewel of the day: Victorian Etruscan Revival 1880s Micro Mosaic Gold Swan Brooch

Micro mosaic pieces were generally souvenirs for the rich doing a European “grand tour.”

This piece is described as a, “Depiction of two playful swans floating in water amongst flowers and foliate entirely comprised of small rectangular micro mosaic with fine rope-twist border. Divine pin/brooch, compacted full of detail, depicting a beautiful landscape of two majestic swans, deep within the tree roots sharing a colourful hamper of blooming flowers. This gorgeous design is a mosaic, a compact of tons of colourful stones, to have created a picture of this depth. Could be able to wear as tie pin. Completed by pin stem with closure and pendant hook Tested as 15 carat gold.”

Its 1st Dibs vendor has priced it at $3,837.97; at the time of writing, this was a sale price indicating a 20% discount.


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