Jewel of the day: Bluboho Tie Dye Moon Child Medallion Necklace

This necklace is basically two of my favorite designs combined, and it may have to find its way into my collection. It looks like a a cross between a piece by Polly Wales and the DeBeers Talisman collection, but at a much lower price point.

Made by Bluboho, it features blue sapphires set in 14k yellow recycled gold and comes with a 20 inch paper clip chain. They describe it as, “The modern day flower child; introspective and compassionate. A person who feels and cares deeply about the earth and human collective. This full moon shaped medallion is coloured by the night’s landscape in star set sapphires. At its centre, a round montana blue sapphire that varies in colour from piece to piece, making each truly one of a kind.”

Want. Badly.

This sells for Cdn$1,498.

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