Jewel of the day: Midcentury Modernist Freshwater Pearl Garnet Gold Owl

There is something both endearing and slightly horrifying about some mid-century/sixties design. They were moving away from the more formal deco/retro into a whimsical Sputnik-influenced aesthetic. And some pieces, like this owl brooch, are downright … quirky. It reminds me of Mr. Bill from classic Saturday Night Live, actually.

The 1st Dibs seller explains, “This dazzling and whimsical owl brooch features a nacreous mollusk body adorned with six Campari hued garnet “buttons” descending vertically down its front; the crown of eight garnets, parakeet green cabochon turquoise eyes, and a freshwater pearl nose with an organic form evocative of Giussepe Arcimboldo. Additionally, the owl exhibits a collar of feathers and wings with delicate inscribed feather detailing, as well as two gold talons with four curled toes on each at the base of the figure. The head has been chased with a plumage pattern. This brooch is fabulous, fun, and elegant- making it a sophisticated accent piece for a variety of outfits from formal to casual. 28 grams. Excellent Condition. ”

This is priced at USD$4,475.

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