Jewel of the day: Alighieri The Forbidden Cloister Cuff Chapter i

I’m not sure which I prefer – Alighieri’s designs or the names they assign to them. There’s clearly a lot of thought that goes into each piece. To wit: “The Nanushka x Alighieri jewellery collaboration explores the notion of what it means to be a woman in modern society.

Alighieri has always been about forming relationships and communities through storytelling. When I met Sandra and her team last year, we bonded over the challenges and beauty of growing our brands. Nanushka’s energy and spirit were so aligned with ours. Sandra spoke about her inspiration for FW20, juxtaposing the monastic order with a disrupted rebellion, and it sparked an exploration into redefining femininity. Through the jewellery, we wanted to underline that the beauty of being a woman comes in the ability to marry the sensual with the tough. The bulbous amphora shapes are a nod to ancient fertility rituals, but they are fragmented and stacked together to form a rugged armour. Hand-cast in London’s Hatton Garden, the pieces feel like fragments of a past time, reframed in a modern day. Wear them as a reminder to tell your own story, whatever that may be.
– Rosh Mahtani

The Forbidden Cloister Cuff // Chapter i is a reference to the arches and sculptures often found in medieval cloisters; the bulbous cuff subverts the idea of the woman’s role in this setting, and turns it into something strong and powerful.”

This sells for £750.

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