Jewel of the day: Three Beauties Sterling Enamel Necklace

This striking assemblage of the components of a vintage piece brings it new life, courtesy of Etsy seller Damsel in Distress.

They describe this as, “Designed by Damsel and professionally converted by my professional jeweler.

Three beauties? Three sisters? Three daughters? Paste Present Future? Luck Money and Love? There can be so many significant meaning behind this antique treasure of 3 perfectly rendered flowers- it all depends on what it means to you! Absolutely gorgeous highly detailed top notch Victorian heirloom quality pendant hand enameled in the most beautiful luminescent tones of darker and light blue. And all of the enamel is practically pristine, intact and glowing. Each flower is set with its original paste stone- which has darkened over time attesting to the antiquity of the piece. I have had the pendant altered with soldered loops by my jeweler and suspended from a delicate yet sturdy sterling silver simple chain so as not to detract from the feminine pendant. Simply stunning. A true treasure. One of a kind- just like a true Damsel.”

This is priced at USD$65.

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