Jewel of the day: Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry Heirloom Bracelet

I came across this piece by chance, with an intriguing story about how people get their Hawaiian name. That’s the first interesting thing about this bracelet, made by Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry. The other is its history: “The foundation of our Custom Heirloom Jewelry Collection is the classic Hawaiian Bracelet first presented between the Queen of Hawaii and the Queen of England.  The history of Hawaiian Jewelry’s history dates back to 19th Century England during the Victorian Era.”

It makes sense that the lettering is in black enamel, as this was a favoured style of mourning jewellery at the time, made popular by Queen Victoria’s years of extended mourning for Prince Albert.

Of course, you don’t need a Hawaiian name to buy this and it’s also available for considerably less in sterling silver. There are also customization options in terms of the engraving and enamelling – you can also order it with no name on it. Made in your choice of 14k gold, this sells for USD$1,477.

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