Jewel of the day: Metropolitan Museum of Art Cascading Gems Y Necklace

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the treasures that can be found in museum gift shops. Given our current travel restrictions, it can be a fun way to “visit” at least a part of museums (though many have tours of the actual exhibits.) Here, a piece from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their historical interpretation of this necklace: “Wear a regal Y-necklace fit for royalty. This colorful, 12K gold-plated piece features a 2-inch extender on the chain. It was inspired by the wealth of jewels seen in portraits of elite members of the Tudor court, including King Henry VIII and his daughters, Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I.In paintings, engravings, and other depictions, they are shown swathed in rich brocade and lace and lavishly adorned with precious gemstones and pearls, which were sewn on their garments, sometimes by the hundreds.”

This is priced at USD$150 for non-members; $135 for members.

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