Jewel of the day: Victorian Scottish Agate Necklace

Victorian agate jewellery, also known as pebble jewellery, became really popular after Queen Victoria began her love affair with all things Scottish. This necklace is shaped like bracelets popular at that time as well, with its heart shaped clasp. Brooches and necklaces are more commonly seen today, likely because they were less expensive to purchase when new.

The 1st Dibs seller notes, “Carved and ridged banded agate and carnelian is set in engraved sterling then linked and interspersed with agate hearts. The original clasp on this necklace is intact as is the floral engraved padlock with the same engraving that will sit near your heart. There are brooches to be found, some artistic, some made for the tourist trade. Necklaces are rare and once purchased , retained. They are not frequently found by the collector of Scottish jewelry and are highly desirable. The condition is superb.”

This is selling for USD$2,895.

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