Jewel of the day: Milena Zu Capella Bangle

Available from Australian vendor Crowded Silver, they note, “This intriguing Capella bangle will make a big statement in an edgy and elegant way. The bracelet curls in on itself so it has a soft curled side opposite an outward edge. It is made from crocheted fine brass wire which is silver plated and half oxidised to a warm colour with a beautiful bluish tinge.

Milena Zu is Italian born but now resides in Ubud, Bali, where she works with local artisans who are masters in an ancient crocheting technique. Each piece is designed with mathematical calculations so the artisans can achieve the shape of each design and then each piece is crocheted completely by hand.

This Capella bangle is suitable for different size wrists, from small to larger as the mesh is fairly flexible and can be stretched to slide over your hand. The width of the bangle varies between 40-50mm.”

This sells for AU$225.

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