Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Necklace

I have lusted after this necklace since seeing it in a Bottega Veneta store several years ago – so long ago I can’t actually recall how long. Five years? Likely more?

Although much of Bottega’s seasonal jewellery would go on sale, this piece never did. So I admired/stalked it from afar. When Daniel Lee took over for Tomas Maier as creative director a couple of years ago, he slowly cleared out the remaining pieces from the old regime. One day, when I looked, that necklace was gone. For good, I thought. But … never underestimate the restorative powers of the internet.

I had a yen for it the other night and was noodling around online when I found it, significantly less than the original price, apparently unworn (or little worn). I grabbed it. A few years back, to try to scratch the itch (and clearly, it didn’t work) I bought a necklace set with crystal in base metal, but very similar to another riviere style necklace Bottega introduced in the same year. I am thrilled that I can now wear the two stacked, as they were shown by the brand.

Here’s my lovely, still on its way to me…

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