Jewel of the day: J. Hannah Niche Ring

This is a pretty little ring with a secret – when you slide back the top, there is a row of sparkling gemstones hidden beneath.

By J. Hannah, they note, “A nod to hidden opulence — the Niche Ring appears as a solid gold band, with a sliding panel that clicks open to reveal a hidden row of pavé diamonds. It allows for two ways to wear one ring, and a reminder that sometimes the truest luxury is the option to keep it to yourself. 2mm band with a scalloped sliding panel. The open position shows pavé diamonds and the closed position shows a solid metal ring. The panel piece and the pavé diamonds extend around about a third of the circumference. This piece is produced locally in Los Angeles using recycled diamonds and 100% recycled gold that is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council and SCS Global Services to be ethically, environmentally and socially sustainable.”

Available in 14k yellow, white or rose gold, this sells for USD$1,420.

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